Friday, July 07, 2006

Five Rivers

Friday, July 07 2006 @ 11:33 AM MDTContributed by: Anonymous
What's the latest with Mr. Doig? I see that his website is still actively recruiting people to purchase condos at the "soon to be built" resort in Oshkosh.
Did I see him leaving town on a rail, or did he just circle back for a second "kick at the cat"?

Five Rivers
Authored by: admin on Friday, July 07 2006 @ 08:58 PM MDT
A realtor at RE/MAX told one of her clients that the Five Rivers deal isn't really dead. I'm not exactly sure what she's been listening to or where she gets her information from, but the term sheet for Five Rivers as offered to Tom Doig from the city is most assuredly dead, having been rescinded by the Oshkosh Common Council at its June 27 meeting. If this developer wants to start over, the door for that possibility has been left open, but he would have to eat a lot of crow after his nasty letter to the city (I hear crow tastes good with "whine"). Plus, he said he was going to pull out of Oshkosh and take his project elsewhere. Let's hope he does just that. Or if he is going to put it up, let's hope he invests his own money and elaves ours alone. As far as his web site goes, it's probably just a case of him not being very timely in getting it taken down. After all he was a day late and a dollar short with every other aspect of this project. Why should a web site marketing the project be any different, right?
- Cheryl

Five Rivers
Authored by: DBCooper on Friday, July 07 2006 @ 10:35 PM MDT
1) He's not smart enough to take the site down by himself
2) He hasn't found another location that will have him yet
3) When he does, he will have to come up with the $100 to pay some high school kid to change the page to say "5 SnakeOils Resort, by Tar&Feather LLC" or somesuch.
4) The IP address for is It expires 4/17/2007. I wonder if he has the $25 to renew it to keep his "dream" alive while he looks for the next sucker?

Shirley didn't want us to kick him when he was down. Sorry Shirley, I just can't help it. The butterburgers made me do it...

Five Rivers
Authored by: Target on Saturday, July 08 2006 @ 10:03 AM MDT
He also took money from those people dumb enough to reserve these hotel rooms. I think it was in the ballpark of $5000. I wonder if he just doesn't want to refund that money yet. If he took down the site and admitted defeat, he would have to pay everyone back. Makes you wonder if he still has that money?It ought to be interesting to watch the destruction of Five Rivers LLC. (don't forget about the LLC part) If he declares bankrupcy because of the City, those people may be out of thier money.I guess that is what they mean when they say "a fool and his money are soon parted". That applies to the poor suckers that reserved a "condo" down the Five Rivers as it sailed away.............

Five Rivers
Authored by: DP on Saturday, July 08 2006 @ 08:16 PM MDT
Any money was put in escrow. It would be returned.

Five Rivers
Authored by: admin on Sunday, July 09 2006 @ 06:19 AM MDT
I doubt seriously he is actively doing business from his web site now that the project term sheet has been rescinded, but following is the contact information for
Administrative Contact: Doig, Thomas
3382 Oakwood CourtWest Bend, WI 53095US
Technical Contact: Adminstrator, DNS
310 E Buffalo St.
Milwaukee, WI 53202US
Fax: +1.4142918010


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