Monday, September 25, 2006

Letter writer questions Julie Pung Leschke's ability to relate to constituents

[Editor's Note: We received the following letter today from James Genisio concerning candidate for the 54th Assembly District, Julie Pung Leschke, and her ability to relate to at least a portion of her constituency and where she stands on the issues. It is actually a copy of a letter that was sent to Alex Hummel at the Oshkosh Northwestern and is reprinted here verbatim.]

Alex Hummel,

Another good editorial 9-17-06. Good questions. I think I know some if not most of (Gordon) Hintz's answers.

I received a lot of literature from Julie Pung Leschke before the primary. She must have spent a record amount of money for the 54th District Primary.

But all the literature I received, the last one four large pages, tells me very little as to where she stands on the issues or answers any of the questions you asked in your editorial.

I understand that a few years ago Julie Pung Leschke won the Miss Oshkosh contest. It seems to me from her literature that she is running for Mrs. Oshkosh or perhaps Mother of the Year.

Perhaps you might ask Julie Pung Leschke what experience she has and what she would do for the married couple or single mother who has four children and is working at jobs that pay below the poverty level with little or no benefits.

It is one thing to raise children with an above average income. It is another to raise children and live in poverty.

What would Julie Pung Leschke do for the poor; for those way too poor to contribute to her campaign?

James A. Genisio
(phone number withheld from publication on this web site)


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