Friday, October 27, 2006

Governor Green? Look out, Oshkosh!

[we have received the following press release...]

Join NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin on Monday morning for a press conference to demonstrate what Wisconsin would be like if Congressman Mark Green were governor and Julie Pung Leschke were in the assembly. Voice your concerns about Green's extreme record and Leschke's disturbing views when it comes to women's privacy, freedom and personal responsibility.

"Extreme Green" Press Conference
Monday, October 30th
11:00 am
UW-OshkoshReeve Union - Room 201

Over and over again, Congressman Green has sponsored and supported Bush's agenda to block women's access to reproductive health care, while Governor Doyle has stood up for women's rights and vetoed a number of anti-choice, anti-birth control bills.

Julie Pung Leschke, a right-wing conservative, has been outspoken about her opposition to safe and legal abortion care, and would allow health care providers to withhold information and treatment from women based on their personal beliefs.

Gordon Hintz, her opponent, would work for common-sense preventive solutions to reduce the need for abortion by increasing access to birth control and responsible sex education.
Oshkosh's future is on the line - learn about the crucial differences between the candidates for state assembly and governor on Monday!

Please join us for this exciting and informative event!

Feel free to bring friends or neighbors; this event is open to the public.


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