Wednesday, March 28, 2007

UPDATED INFO to story entitled "Complaint filed with D.A. against mayoral candidate Esslinger"

[3/30/07 - there is another update on this story; scroll to bottom of piece to read the latest...]

Winnebago County Democrat Party chair Jef Hall has filed a complaint with the Winnebago County District Attorney’s office against mayoral candidate Paul Esslinger regarding “Esslinger's use of city resources for campaign purposes.”

Hall’s chief complaint has to do with the fact that some of Esslinger’s Internet ads on the Oshkosh Northwestern’s web site click through to his biography on the city’s web site; therefore, he maintains Esslinger is using city resources for campaign purposes, giving him an unfair advantage over his opponents. Hall concedes that the State Elections Board has said there is no precedent for Internet links, however, they also say there still could be a problem. Having read Hall’s entire posting about the complaint on his site this afternoon, he does seem to make some valid arguments. You can read the specifics of Hall’s complaint by going here.

UPDATE ON EVENING OF 3/28/07: Apparently there has been a change in the way the Oshkosh Northwestern site link now clicks through. Jef Hall explains the change in this updated post on his blog site.

UPDATE ON EVENING OF 3/30/07: There are more developments in the story concerning Paul Esslinger's earlier use of the city's web site for his political campaign by linking his political ad to his bio on the city's site. Today, the Oshkosh Northwestern ran a story about Jef Hall's complaint about that use. When comparing comments made by Esslinger in the Oshkosh Northwestern article to comments made by his friend and campaign helper Kent Monte on his blog, the two versions seemed to be in direct conflict with each other. As a result, Jef Hall has published another piece, this one about the differences between what Esslinger and Monte each have said. It is interesting reading, to say the least.


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