Sunday, June 07, 2009

Community breakfast being planned, beginning in 2010

The story immediately preceding this one on this site talked about the tradition of the annual mayor's breakfast and how it would not be held this year. After making a couple of phone calls I learned that a community breakfast was being planned, hence, the tradition would continue. And I promised more information as I learned it.

When I logged in to my email this morning I had a very nice email from former mayor Frank Tower confirming that, indeed, a community breakfast was being planned, but that due to the short amount of time before the AirVenture convention happens, it just was not possible to pull it off this year yet. Instead it will begin next year - in 2010 - and according to Frank, they have a core group of organizers and volunteers who are taking over and putting it together. And, they've already booked the convention center for the Friday morning of next year's AirVenture event.

We certainly thank Frank for this information, and while I'm still happy to know the tradition of a community breakfast will continue, I am sorry - as I know many local and visitors to Oshkosh alike will be - that it won't happen this year. It's also a shame the convention center can't be shown off this year; but better late than never, I guess.

Thanks again to Frank, as well as to the group of people putting this breakfast together. And though the need for volunteers to help with the breakfast will still be there, I imagine it's not as critical for people to call Frank or anyone else immediately. Of course, I don't know that for certain yet and hope to talk to Frank soon about the best way - and time - for people to volunteer their time and talents. I will keep everyone updated either as a comment attached to this story, or as a new, separate posting.


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