Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Governor Doyle Announces $247,000 in Clean Energy Training Grants for State Carpenters

[We have received the following press release and are pleased to publish it on behalf of Gov. Doyle's office.]

KAUKAUNA – Governor Jim Doyle today announced that thanks to the Legislative leadership on Act 2, the North Central Regional Council of Carpenters will receive two grants totaling $247,000 to train its members on sustainable green building practices and windmill and alternative energy systems installation. The funds are part of $2,630,000 in state grants from the Department of Commerce for use by specific organizations in the building trades to provide job training and retraining programs, including training in green building and the installation of alternative energy systems.

“Through the bold leadership of the State Legislature to become a clean energy leader and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Wisconsin has a tremendous opportunity to invest in our clean energy workforce,” Governor Doyle said. “I am pleased we are partnering with the Council of Carpenters to invest in the carpenters of the future that will lead our state in the installation of clean energy technologies that keep energy dollars in our communities, create jobs and clean our air and water.”

The state’s workforce investment also prepares Wisconsin to work on major clean energy projects in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Governor Doyle thanked the Obama Administration for its leadership in renewable energy and the creation of clean energy jobs.

The $175,000 grant will be used for equipment to train 300 carpenters on the installation of windmills and other alternative energy system. The total project cost for that effort is $221,726.

The $72,000 grant will be used to purchase equipment, cover overhead, and provide working capital to pay instructors. Areas covered will include wall layout, metal stud framing, sheathing, welding, sealing and taping, interior spraying with polyurethane foam, OSHA standards, and use of scaffolds, forklifts, and aerial lifts. The total project cost is $127,830.

The training is anticipated to be covered in two four-day classes offered 15 times over a three-year period, with an average class size of seven carpenters.

The Wisconsin State Council of Carpenters-North Central Regional Council of Carpenters represents more than 5,000 carpenters, millwrights, lathers and pile drivers in Wisconsin.


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