Monday, November 30, 2009

Candidates needed for the spring election

Winter isn't even officially here yet, but we're already getting geared up for the spring elections and the campaign season that preceeds it. Today's Oshkosh Northwestern ran this piece on the various races and how to run, if you're interested. It's very comprehensive and tells you how to get the different paperwork you'll need, deadlines and other important information you'll need to know, etc.

On a related note, Jef Hall, chair of the Winnebago County Democratic Party has sent us this email that we are happy to publish on his and the party's behalf. It should be noted that in his message, Jef neglected to mention that there is also a judicial race in the spring election - one to fill the seat being vacated by Judge William Carver in Branch 5 of the Winnebago County Circuit Court system; the other is the seat currently being held by Barbara Hart Key in Branch 3. (Ironically enough, the judicial races are the only ones that are partisan races.) Carver is retiring and not seeking re-election. Four candidates have already announced their intent to run for this position. As for Branch 3, I presume Hart Key will seek re-election and, as yet, have not heard of anyone else expressing interest in running for this seat. That may change, however, as we get further into the candidate declaration process. At any rate, here is the message from Jef Hall...

Hello Members and Friends of the Winnebago County Democratic Party!

Spring elections are upon us. Tomorrow (December 1) is the first day to gather signatures to appear on ballots in this April’s elections. Signatures are due January 5th.

To appear on a ballot, you will need to collect 50-200 signatures minimum (depending on the office).

Offices up for spring 2010 elections include County Board, School Boards, Town Boards and City Councils. If you are interested, we can help you get all the paperwork together.

Please contact Jef Hall, Chair at 920.203.6883 or via email at if you are interested in running for a local office.

Now is the time to make sure we implement Progressive and Democratic principles and priorities in our communities. We cannot do this without people in these offices.

Contact me today!


Jef Hall
Chair, Winnebago County Democratic Party
2nd Vice Chair, Democratic Party of WI
112 E Irving Ave
Oshkosh, WI 54901

Authorized and Paid for by the Winnebago County Democratic Party – Jef Hall, Chair


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