Monday, November 09, 2009


[We have received the following from the Oshkosh Police Department and are pleased to publish it on their behalf.]

We have been receiving numerous complaints recently about different scams that occurring where people are trying to take advantage of you and get your money. One of the scams is where an individual was trying to sell an item on Craigslist and the responding party stated that they would mail the seller a check for $1800 dollars more than what the item costs and that she should cash the check and take out what the item costs then send the balance back in the form of a money order. This is almost always a scam as once you cash the check and send the money order the check will then come back as a fraudulent check and then you are responsible for the money order you just sent as well.

As always if you every have any questions if something is possibly a scam of fraud you can always call the Oshkosh Police Department for advice.

Brent J. Buehler
Patrol Sergeant
Oshkosh Police Department
Office (920)236-5700 Cell (920)379-3557


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