Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Governor Doyle Announces State Recovery Website with Enhanced Accountability, Transparency

MADISON – Governor Jim Doyle announced today that the states’ American Recovery and Reinvestment web site has been significantly upgraded to be more user-friendly and flexible, increasing accountability and transparency. The site’s improvements provide nation-leading Web technologies to help citizens track Recovery Act funding and its impact.

“We are working very hard to make sure every community in Wisconsin can take advantage of the jobs and opportunities the Recovery Act is bringing to our state,” Governor Doyle said. “This new and improved website is one way the people of Wisconsin can see for themselves that these dollars are going to good projects in their areas.”

One of the new features of the website is the improvement of the interactive map that is designed to show Recovery Act allocations. Each county on the interactive map has been updated to plot awards. When a user clicks on a specific plot point, detailed information tracking every expense to contract recipients and vendors related to the award appears, tracking every dollar spent down to a very localized level.

The website also provides improved county-by-county information. When a user clicks on a county, detailed information regarding wages, unemployment rates, Recovery funds awarded by population, and Recovery funds awarded by county appear. This information allows people to see the distribution of spending across economic indicators.

In addition, the new website:

· Is more flexible and has an improved search capability;
· Gives the user new features to sort and download data to their desktop; and
· Has a more visually appealing interface to navigate through award detail more intuitively.

The improvements complete changes suggested by Good Jobs First, a national policy resource center that promotes government accountability that had ranked Wisconsin’s Recovery web site 4th in the nation. With the improvements to the site, Wisconsin’s website now leads the nation in transparency and accountability.

The Wisconsin Office of Recovery and Reinvestment website is


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