Sunday, March 07, 2010

MEDIA RELEASE from the Oshkosh Police Department

Contact: Officer Joseph Nichols
(920) 236-5742

Subject: Telephone Scam

The Oshkosh Police Department is alerting citizens of a telephone scam occurring in Oshkosh.

An Oshkosh citizen reported that she received a phone call from a person stating that the citizen could receive $7,000 from the U.S. government and that a bank account number would have to be given in order to receive this money. The citizen was told that when her account information was given, a police officer would deliver the money to her in person. The officer would ask for $99 from the citizen and this money would be given to charity.

A number was given to the Oshkosh citizen of (202) 657-5313 to call.

When this number was called by an Oshkosh officer, the person on the other end of the phone answered, but would not identify what government agency he was with and hung up the phone. Upon calling the number back, an answering machine message in a middle eastern accent said - You have reached the Interfederal Grant Dept (not sure of what company is said, muffled voice) and that a voice message may be left.

Citizens are reminded not to give any personal information out when receiving this type of message. No government agency will ask for bank account information and no police officer will deliver a check to you. If citizens would like to report this type of phone call to the Oshkosh Police, they may do so by calling (920) 236-5700.

Joseph Nichols
Crime Prevention Officer
Oshkosh Police Department
(920) 236-5742
(920) 379-3572


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