Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sheridan, Hintz: Assembly Takes Action to Support Small Business Job Creation

MADISON – Speaker Mike Sheridan (D-Janesville) and Representative Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) today proudly announced bi-partisan Assembly approval of AB 853, the Small Business Jobs Investment Act. This legislation establishes a job creation incentive specifically for Wisconsin small businesses that hire people who’ve been struggling to find a job.

“We’re seeing encouraging signs of recovery across Wisconsin, but we have more work to do,” said Speaker Sheridan. “With the Small Business Jobs Investment Act, Rep. Hintz has addressed the immediate needs of small businesses and workers to move us another step closer to a stable, strong Wisconsin economy.”

“With small businesses responsible for more than half the jobs in Wisconsin, we can’t afford to ignore their needs,” said Rep. Hintz. “This tax credit will support real growth in our small business sector that directly translates into more opportunities for Wisconsin workers.”

To qualify for the credit, small businesses must hire employees who have been out of work for two months or more. Limiting the hiring pool in this way will ease the burden on state unemployment services and help families who are hurting the most. The incentive set up in the Small Business Jobs Investment Act can be multiplied, meaning the more jobs a business creates, the larger benefit it receives.

“Small businesses hold great potential for job creation,” said Rep. Hintz. “When we stand up for small business, we’re also standing up for Wisconsin workers – and building on our efforts to strengthen our economy.”

The Small Business Jobs Investment Act is only the latest economic development measure approved by Assembly Democrats. Earlier this session, they increased funding for worker training programs and approved more than $200 million in job creation incentives for Wisconsin businesses.


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