Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's up with Oshkosh gas stations - besides their prices, that is

Anyone who follows gas prices in the Fox Valley knows that the Appleton area stations are usually about a nickel less than the stations in Oshkosh. But currently the Appleton stations are selling regular unleaded for $2.729 while stations in Oshkosh are at $2.849, and a couple are at $2.829. That's a whopping 10-to-12 cents a gallon cheaper. WHY?? I've never understood how stations just to the north of us can offer gasoline for less, but this is ridiculous and makes me feel like stations in Oshkosh are just gouging people because they can.

I'm sure if you ask them they'd offer up some lame explanation for their much higher prices, but in my opinion it defies logic that they have to charge so much more than stations in Appleton. Ordinarily I would say unless you were already going to Appleton, it makes little sense to drive there just to say a nickel. But in this case, depending on the size of your tank, it might be worth it. And for sure it makes sense to fill up in Appleton if you're already heading there for some other reason.

I'd encourage people to fill their tanks in Appleton whenever possible and when it makes sense to do so, until such time that the prices here are more in line with those to the north. If station owners in Oshkosh want to charge the higher amounts, I say we let them sit with their gas. And even if the station owners in Oshkosh don't get the message, at least we're saving money in our household when we fill up.   


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