Thursday, June 16, 2011

Declaration of Independence to be read on courthouse steps

In keeping with a tradition started last year, the Winnebago County Sheriff, John Matz, will be reading the Declaration of Independence on the steps of the Winnebago County Courthouse this Fourth of July, Independence Day. I wish to thank my co-host Dan Rylance for not only working diligently to get the tradition started, but to keep it going. We also want to thank County Board Supervisor Bill Wingren for his sponsoring the resolution (see attached) to make this reading possible, and our new sheriff, John Matz, for agreeing to do the honors.

If you have a chance on the morning of July 4, why not stop by the courthouse and listen to this important document being read aloud. It may give you a new perspective on what it means, and what it affords for us as citizens.


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