Monday, January 30, 2012

Here is what's playing this week on Eye on Oshkosh (be sure to vote in the poll to the right associated with this story and show)

Since not everyone always notices the sidebar which outlines our upcoming week's show, we're trying something a little different this week. The sidebar will remain because a lot of people are accustomed to it after so many years of it being there. But starting this week, we'll also be putting an actual blog posting that details the upcoming week's show, as well. In this manner we can hopefully reach everyone who is looking to find out about the upcoming program. That being said - Here is what's playing this week on Eye on Oshkosh...

Be sure to join us starting Monday, January 30 when Cheryl and Dan are joined in the first segment by Doug Gieryn, director/health officer for Winnebago County, who discusses in detail the recent changes with coordination and management of the Wisconsin Well Woman Program, as well as how it will impact women. During the second part of the show, Oshkosh Area School District’s Board of Education member Allison Garner joins Cheryl and Dan to discuss her shock over the recent and abrupt resignation of the school superintendent Don Viegut and the manner in which she learned about it. She also discusses her equal shock and disappointment to learn that school board president John Lemberger not only knew Viegut was looking at other positions, but, in fact, had written him a letter of recommendation only a few months prior to his resignation, and had kept all of this secret from his fellow school board members and the public.

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