Tuesday, April 10, 2012


There is much conflict about taxes, often with more heat than light. We really need a calm and balanced discussion of Wisconsin’s tax policy. Please consider attending this free event Thursday night and consider bringing others. All the details are below. More information can also be found at this link: http://csoshkosh.weebly.com/

This Taxing conversation gives people in the Oshkosh area a chance to hear two very different perspectives on tax policy without the screaming and name-calling that makes it impossible to hear anyone’s ideas clearly. At this forum, a conservative and a progressive will calmly and intelligently address two fundamental questions:

How does tax policy affect economic growth?
How should tax responsibility be shared by groups and people?


From the right:  George Lightbourn is the President of the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute – a free market think tank committed to small government.  Mr. Lightbourn served two governors as Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Administration.  He currently chairs the Monona Community Development Authority and sits on the board of WCA Services, Inc.

From the left:  Dr. Jack Norman is Research Director at the Institute for Wisconsin's Future – a progressive think tank committed to strong public sector.  Before joining IWF, Jack was a business and local news reporter at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel where he organized a newsroom union and served as president of the Milwaukee Newspaper Guild. 

Moderator:  Stew Rieckman (General Manager and Executive Editor of The Oshkosh Northwestern)

Thursday, April 12 from 7- 9pm
Fox Valley Technical College in Oshkosh Room 133
150 N. Campbell Road, Oshkosh
For more information call: (920) 233 9191

Sponsored by Citizens for a Strong Oshkosh (CSO) - promoting civil dialogue and debate to further understanding of the importance of public structures and the impact of government policy on those structures.


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