Thursday, March 20, 2014

Eye on Oshkosh returns to the air

After being absent from the local cable airwaves for just a little over one year, Eye on Oshkosh is returning to the cable access TV lineup during the last week of March 2014.

Many will recall that this award-winning CATV show had been on-the-air for 10 years prior to going off in early 2013. As I indicated then, some of the lives for my crew members were changing and I was taking on a professional project that was going to require a fair amount of time. Naturally, I missed doing the show and being a part of viewers’ lives, but at that point continuing didn’t seem like a real viable option.

But during the last year I can’t tell you how many people told us how much they missed the show and asked if we were coming back. Even though I ultimately finished my one project, I still had no crew, and really had very little time to try finding anyone. But then, in January I was approached by a friend who said he would help get me crew members. A few other people have also stepped up to say they’d like to help. So, now, due to some very generous offers of help with staffing and juggling my own schedule a bit, it has become possible for us to come back. There are some changes that you may notice as the show is re-launched, however, but I believe that most of them – specifically technical and programming changes – will be for the better.

The first and foremost change is a new crew. While I will miss the folks I had with for so many years both in front of the camera and behind, I have deep gratitude for those new folks I will now be working with and the talents they are bringing to the table. I have every confidence we’re going to be able to turn out a wonderful production, once again. In addition to the new crew, we will have new replay times. Time Warner Cable viewers in Oshkosh can now catch the hour-long show at the following times: Tuesday 11 am, Friday 10 pm, and Saturday 8 pm, with the very first replay happening on Tuesday, Mar. 25. Charter Communications viewers outside the Oshkosh area will have to defer to their cable access provider in that area for replay times.

Another new thing this time around is that the show will run for two weeks instead of just one week. That will hopefully allow folks more of an opportunity to catch the show when it airs. But for those who may miss it, or who don’t have digital cable, the show will also be available on You Tube. And, as always, we will still offer other news or interesting things affecting people in and around the Oshkosh area on or on our Facebook page (search for Eye on Oshkosh at

As in the past, we welcome show ideas or guest suggestions. We also encourage people to send us press releases and other news information they want us to pass along to viewers and visitors of our sites. The address for doing that is

We are happy to be back and thank the folks at Oshkosh Community Media Services and its Friends of OCMS for their encouragement and assistance with our return. We look forward to hearing from you and, in the meantime, will be keeping our “Eye on Oshkosh.”


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