Friday, September 23, 2016

Have the ID you need to vote? Check. If not, start the process for free ID to vote now

The presidential election is just seven weeks away, and the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) wants the public to be clear on how to obtain identification, free of charge, that is valid for voting.

Most persons already have valid identification for voting purposes (driver license, identification card, military or student ID card, etc.). If you are not sure if your identification meets the requirements, please visit the Wisconsin Elections Commission website.

For persons who need to obtain new identification to show at the polls for voting, the DMV offers free IDs and has a voter ID Petition Process to help if the required documents are not readily available. Start now at or at a local DMV customer service center. The DMV’s website has a locator to help you find the nearest DMV and check wait times.

To obtain an official ID card, there are documentation requirements such as a birth certificate, but if all documentation is not available, the ID Petition Process (IDPP) can be used to quickly obtain a receipt valid for voting while the remaining documents or verifications are obtained.
DMV offers this IDPP service free of charge if needed for the purpose of voting.

Avoid the last minute rush, and get started on obtaining your free identification today.

* Editor's Note: And please plan to vote. No matter how you may feel about the candidates or your choices of candidate, not voting is not an option. This is your country and your voice should be heard. And remember, in addition to the presidential election, there are a number of local races where your voice matters and is needed, also.

You can also vote early, either in person or by absentee ballot. Contact your city or town clerk for details for your specific area. You never know what can happen on election day: You could have car trouble; you might be sick; etc. Why chance the unknown. Vote early and eliminate those concerns, while avoiding the long lines.


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