Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Eye on Oshkosh on the Radio visits with folks from the local library and museum

An Episode of Eye on Oshkosh on the Radio was recorded on Monday, Oct. 8 featuring guests from the Oshkosh Public Library and the Oshkosh Public Museum. You’ll want to check out this hour-long radio program to get all the latest information of what’s going on at both the library and museum, including their holiday programming, some of which is getting underway now, in advance of Halloween. 
The program will run for two weeks beginning on Wednesday Oct. 10, 2018. Eye on Oshkosh on the Radio airs on Wednesdays at 5 pm and Saturdays at 8 pm. Tune in to WOCT, 101.9 FM directly on your “dial,” or listen to it on the TuneIn Radio app on your Smart Phone.


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