Friday, August 02, 2019

Eye On Oshkosh - Oshkosh poverty, sex trafficking - taped 8-1-19

On this edition of Eye on Oshkosh, host Cheryl Hentz discusses the problem of poverty in the Oshkosh community, in the first segment, and how area churches, social agencies and concerned citizens are working together to do something about it. 

In the second segment of this show, Hentz and her guests will talk about and promote an upcoming event that focus on the issues of human/sex trafficking and how that is affecting not just women and young girls, but their families and friends, as well. Guests also discuss an upcoming presentation that is free and open to the public where a former sex trafficking victim will talk about her own situation, how she escaped from trafficking, and how it affected those in her life. One of the other messages from this presentation will be that trafficking is occurring everywhere, even in Oshkosh, and people need to know how to recognize it and how to help prevent it. This is an event you WILL NOT want to miss. Go to and search for Sex Trafficking Tickets Oshkosh to sign up or get more information. Meanwhile, this episode of Eye on Oshkosh can be seen here or by following this link:


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