Thursday, January 27, 2005

Mayoral debate review

Contributed by: Anonymous Interesting discussion last night. It was an excellent forum for the candidates, and I felt some fared better than others. The set up could have been different. After the question were asked I think they should have had a rotating turn on who went first. But here are my thoughts:

Kyle Reppert - Although he started out every answer with "um", I thought he did an average job of expressing his views. His lack of experience showed at times, and I think that will hurt him at the polls. Good for him for putting himself out there to the public. Could be a launching pad of future success for Mr. Reppert.

Mark Madison - Gave well thought out answers, and obviously has been paying attention. I particularly liked his jab at Paul Esslinger about being on the 2 side of every 5-2 vote.

Paul Esslinger - Also very educated on the issues. I just can't get over the negativity about everything! He is obviously a very good candidate, but how about a little positive spin on some issues. I don't believe that the majority of residents are against the ampitheater as he stated. I understand the need to be fiscally responsible, but he seems over the top. I am trying hard to bring myself to vote for him.

Paul Daggett - What a train wreck! Didnt answer or join in on one single discussion during the question period. Read his comments word for word. If you can't convey your message in an articulate fashion, why would anyone vote for him. I almost felt sorry for him.

Bill Castle - "As mayor I will do that" was his stock answer. How is he going to do it? He understands the issues, but he just doesnt seem like the right man at the right time for the job. Maybe he would fare better if it were 1970. The slightest bit of implied impropriety regarding the CR Meyer issues makes him the perfect "good ol boy" candidate.

Overall this race is a tough decision. Not one candidate stands out as a front runner. Daggett and Reppert are out of it in my mind leaving us with Madison, Castle, and Esslinger. Castle and Esslinger could just be more of the same. Madison is not the perfect candidate, but perhaps it is time for a change with a candidate who can support the majority of citizens. Which candidate can find the balance of continued developments while fixing the streets?

Concerned Citizen,

Jim B.