Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Gordon Hintz Kicks Off 2006 Assembly Campaign

OSHKOSH- Gordon Hintz formally announced his candidacy for Wisconsin’s 54th State Assembly District in front of a packed house at Fratello’s Restaurant in Oshkosh Monday evening. Hintz and supporters were joined by city and county officials and state representatives from Northeastern Wisconsin to celebrate the formal commencement of Hintz’s campaign.

Hintz, who has been knocking on doors in Oshkosh and talking with community residents for months about their concerns on city, state, and national issues, emphasized that residents’ real issues are not the issues currently being debated in Madison.

“Officials in Madison are practicing politics of division and distracting voters with disruptive tactics and gimmick legislation,” Hintz said. “Wisconsin needs real leaders who will listen to residents and fight for affordable health care, keeping jobs in our state, and fiscal responsibility instead of changing the debate to hot button issues that distract voters from the issues that really count.”

Hintz stressed the need for Oshkosh to have a representative in the Assembly who will work with the city, the county, the school district, and the university. “Instead of passing on lose-lose decisions to local officials, state and local government need to work together to address rising health care, energy, and fuel costs and confront the terrible pressures that have been put on local government and property taxpayers.”

Hintz, who was narrowly defeated in 2004 by 17-year incumbent Rep. Gregg Underheim in a four-way race, cited the recent defeat of a campaign finance and ethics reform bill by Assembly Republicans as an example of the legislature’s failure to listen to Wisconsin residents. “When I listen to citizens in Oshkosh, they feel left out. They increasingly cynical about our political process and want to change the pay-to-play election tactics in this state. But politicians bent on keeping Madison in the hands of moneyed special interests refused to act on the desires of those who vote for them.”

County Executive Mark Harris told the crowd of about 120 enthusiastic supporters that Hintz is the kind of dynamic young leader that will take Oshkosh and Winnebago County in the right direction. “Gordon is a leader with a vision of more progress and less politics in Madison. He understands that certain needs are not being met by our current government and will be a strong advocate for Oshkosh.”

Oshkosh City councilor Bryan Bain and State Representatives Tom Nelson and Terry Van Akkeren also addressed the crowd in support of Hintz. Nelson, who is finishing his first term as Kaukauna’s assemblyman, said he is looking forward to working together with Hintz in Madison to fight for the residents of the Fox Valley.


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