Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tuesday's Council Meeting

Contributed by: alibi2day

We watched & listened to the presentation given by Dr. Michael Burayidi regarding the pier location for Millers Bay. We are not urban planners; what we found to be interesting that as a UWO Professor some of the same reasons he presented for NOT putting the fishing pier at the chosen location were the reasons the neighborhood presented to UWO officials, city planners, and City Councilors when decisions were being made to expand the use of the Oshkosh Sports Complex.

Safety issues /additional use of residential streets.
Insufficient Parking Light Pollution
Violation of noise and nuisance ordinances
Depletion of property values

Our neighbors presented these reasons numerous times over the years and none of the reasons were valid enough because of FREE $$$$$. The UWO has made promises to the neighborhood but has even 1 City official actually followed through to make sure these promises are being kept?

With the presentation from Dr. Burayidi it appears the city may take a second look at the pier issues. If that turns out to be the case than let’s take another look at the negative and dangerous impact on the neighborhood around TITAN Stadium. If it’s fair for one part of the city it should be fair for all parts of the City.

Maybe we can implement some of the Doctor’s skills to present another neighborhood impact study. We can’t pay you for your study Dr. but I am sure the taxpayers wouldn’t mind another donation of your time.


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