Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Opportunity to donate to an awesome cause and be put into a raffle at the same time

WINR - Wisconsin Interfaith Need Response is a donated wheels program now celebrating their 10th year anniversary by holding a raffle to help with expenses of the program. I am currently a member of the board and have some tickets left to sell. So you get my email request - lucky you!

Really though, the raffle I know is one of the more expensive ones but it is really about a donation to a very successful program. In exchange for that donation, you get a chance at winning a car. Just since the first of the year WINR has put 8 local families/persons into a vehicle to help with employment, medical care and all the other little things we take our vehicles for granted for. There are currently 3 more cars waiting to be placed, with 2 promised to be donated any day. Participants must attend and complete a car maintenance class and a budgeting class before they get placed, so those will be done very soon.

WINR has recently changed it's name from Winnebage Interfaith to Wisconsin due to the expansion of our programs into Waupaca, Portage and soon Brown Counties. WINR originally only served Winnebago, Outagamie and Calumet counties. Other counties in our region are also working on getting a program setup soon.

Now the question - if the cars are donated - why does WINR need money? The money is used for the staff needed to take applications and process them to be sure the people who get the cars know how to care and can afford them. A large majority of the funding is used for repairs to the cars we receive. The goal is to get the car in shape to run 2 years to help the recipients on the road to self sufficiency. If that is not possible, the car is sold for the best possible price and different ones are purchased.

Please think about a donation to the program and in doing so I will hook you up with the winning ticket! Although you can't all win - sorry (-:
Here is their website for more information - especially if you ever have a car to donate!

Also if you know of ANYONE that may want to buy a ticket, or if you just want to forward this on to as many people as possible we would LOVE the help.

Thanks for considering - hope this finds everyone healthy and looking forward to Spring!
Lynn Brenner


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