Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Esslinger's itemized legal bill

The Chief inquired about Paul Esslinger's legal fees on his blog, suggesting the bill might eventually become public. Figuring sooner or later someone would inquire about it, I took the time to get it last week; here it is. I'd bet the Oshkosh Northwestern has a copy also. It's been enlarged on Blogger as much as it can be but, if you click on the document itself, it will automatically enlarge for you.

It seems to me we've started down a slippery slope by the insurance company paying this bill. But if, as has already been suggested by some of Esslinger's most ardent supporters, Bill Castle should be asked to reimburse the insurance company, then, silly as it seems, he should have the same representation. After all, as the Chief said, if Esslinger was doing his job, so was Castle. But of course, it doesn't make any sense for the insurance company to essentially go after itself.


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