Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Local blogger/activist takes on school board candidate Schneider

In yet another insightful editorial, local blogger and activist Kay Springstroh has this week set her sights on candidate for the Oshkosh Area School District Board of Education, Ben Schneider II. In this piece entitled "School Board Candidates Answer PFLAG Questions," Springstroh specifically takes on Schneider for what she calls his "open homophobia and his obvious lack of language skills."

As you read her piece, keep in mind the question she refers to was not about whether the candidates approve of homosexuality. I don't know how one could miss it, but clearly, Schneider didn't understand that fact when he "answered" the question and, instead, seems to have made it about himself. Or was it simply not worth it to him to take the time to read the question and respond to it more carefully? And the grammar he exhibited, or lack thereof, speaks for itself, as Springstroh so aptly pointed out.

Unfortunately, the same kind of sloppiness or ill-training in basic English skills is something we see far too often in people today, Ben Schneider II notwithstanding. It's especially apparent, and unforgiving, in highly-paid business people who surely ought to know better and who can certainly afford to take the necessary classes to do better.


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