Friday, December 04, 2009

Esslinger deemed Weenie of the Week by radio personalities

Following his admission of being involved in a bar altercation last month over some skipped songs on a jukebox, Oshkosh mayor Paul Esslinger has been named the Weenie of the Week by radio personalities Rick and Len at station WAPL. According to the station's web site, "Every Friday, Rick and Len find someone who has achieved such a level of stupidity over the past seven days that they must be proclaimed the Rick and Len... Weenie of the Week!" This week, the honor went to Esslinger.

You can check it out here. While Esslinger may have been deemed this week's WAPL "weenie," he also remains the "butt" of a lot of jokes - something I imagine will be going on for longer than his dubious "Weenie of the Week" distinction. 

Thanks for filling your constituency with such pride, Paul. And just think: Now, not only can all of Oshkosh see this other side of can the entire world.


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