Monday, March 29, 2010

Update on Recent Deaths of Oshkosh Teens

(Oshkosh, WI.) In an effort to prevent speculation, the Winnebago County Coroner’s office and city of Oshkosh Health Services Division would like to provide the public with some information concerning the recent deaths of two high school students in Oshkosh.

These teenagers succumbed to two different, distinct, unusual presentations of illness that do not appear to be related and do not appear to be a risk to others. Each death occurred as a result of different kinds of common bacteria that in very rare cases invade the body and can lead to death.

“The final determination as to the specific cause of each death is still pending but we hope to have a final answer soon,” said Winnebago County Coroner Barry Busby. “The pathologist is working with national, state, and local laboratories where testing is still being done. We know that neither of these deaths was caused by H1N1 influenza or other common respiratory viruses.”

“These losses have been devastating to the friends, families, and the community of Oshkosh,” said Oshkosh Public Health Nurse Denise Krueger. “We understand the concerns of parents and want to ease their fears.”

As parents, basic public health messages still apply. Please remember to wash hands, cover cough, stay home when sick, and call your doctor when you are concerned about your child’s health or your own health.

For more information, please call the Health Services Division at (920) 236-5030.


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