Sunday, January 09, 2011

Rep. Hintz to Re-Introduce Small Business Jobs Investment Act

Rep. Hintz to Re-Introduce Small Business Jobs Investment Act
Legislation offers job creation incentives for small businesses

MADISON – Representative Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) announced plans this past week to re-introduce the Small Business Jobs Investment Act, legislation that provides valuable job creation incentives. The same bill passed the State Assembly last session 96-1.

“I am introducing this legislation because we need to use every tool possible to incentivize job creation in our state”, said Rep.Hintz. “Small businesses are the cornerstone to a healthy economy and this bill will lead to job creation. It is one more tool in the arsenal to help put people back to work.”

The Small Business Jobs Investment Act offers a job creation incentive for small businesses of 10 employees or less. Businesses that expand their payroll immediately and create new, full-time, non-seasonal jobs, will receive incentives for those efforts. The more jobs a business creates, the larger the incentive they will receive. That credit can then be used to strengthen and expand their businesses and create more new jobs.

To qualify for the credit, businesses must hire employees who have been out of work for two months or more. Limiting the hiring pool to people who have been out of work the longest will ease the current load services for displaced workers and help families who are hurting the most.

Wisconsin has nearly half a million small businesses that employ more than half of all workers in the state. Small businesses are a major engine of the state’s economy and play a crucial role in helping Wisconsin recover from the nation’s economic downturn.

The Small Business Jobs Investment Act has been circulated to members of the state Senate and Assembly for Co-Sponsorship. Legislators can sign on to sponsor this legislation until January 18th.

“I was hoping that on today’s first day of the new legislative session we would see our new leadership work swiftly and introduce legislation that bolsters our economy and creates jobs”, said Rep. Hintz. “It was disappointing that the first bills introduced by the new majority dealt with issues like repealing same-day voter registration and allowing guns in schools.”

Last session the Small Business Jobs Investment Act bill passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.

“If it was a good bill then, it should be a good bill now”, said Rep. Hintz. “I am proud that Assembly Democrats continue to introduce strong jobs incentive legislation and I look forward to working with the new leadership to build a strong economic agenda.”


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