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Hopper supports radical, job-killing budget in Madison


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Randy Hopper supports radical, job-killing budget in Madison

Hopper and his allies ram through a budget that decimates public education in Wisconsin, attacks middle class families

OSHKOSH ­ Despite thousands of letters, emails, phone calls and protests throughout the 18th district by working families demanding a moral and responsible budget that moves Wisconsin forward, Randy Hopper left the district for Madison and ignored them all. Late last night, Hopper cast his lot with powerful corporate special interests when he helped pass an extreme, job-killing budget that will devastate Wisconsin's economy and our working families.

In a rushed ³extraordinary session² of the legislature, Hopper and the Republicans rammed through their budget, which includes hundreds of millions in giveaways to out-of-state corporate interests while making debilitating cuts of more than $1 billion to public education, $500 million in cuts to healthcare programs and raises taxes on seniors and working families by $70 million.

Randy Hopper went down to Madison and hung the middle class working families of this district out to dry,² said Dan O'Donnell, a carpenter from Oshkosh. "By authoring and passing an extreme budget that decimates public education, healthcare, and funding for police and firefighters ­while raising taxes on seniors and cutting taxes for himself ­ Randy Hopper has proven he's no longer fit to represent this district and our interests."

As a member of the powerful Joint Finance Committee, Hopper was instrumental in crafting the budget that was passed last night. Whether it was raising taxes on seniors and the working poor, slashing public education funding, or raising tuition in the UW system while decreasing financial aid, make no mistake ­ Randy Hopper was a major player in every aspect of this despicable budget.

"Wisconsin needs to create more jobs and invest in the educational infrastructure to allow our citizens to compete in the 21st century economy," said Hedy Eischeid, a teacher from Fond du Lac. "By gutting public education ­ from K-thru-12 to technical colleges and universities ­ Randy Hopper has demonstrated his loyalties lie with out-of-state corporations and wealthy investors like himself and against the values of the citizens of his district."

Lowlights from Randy Hopper's radical budget for Wisconsin Raises taxes on the working poor while giving millions away to the super-rich;

· Changes the state¹s combined reporting law, which will allow corporations to write off losses before 2009, a tax break of $46.4 million;
· Gives a break in capital gains taxes for businesses, giving away $36.3 million;
· Changes the Earned Income Tax Credit, resulting in a tax increase on working families of $43.5 million;
· Changes the Homestead Tax Credit, costing low-income Wisconsin families $13 million
· Slashes funding for public education programs by more than $1 billion;
· Slashes funding for public education by $800 million, while increasing funds for private schools by $35 million;
· Strips school districts of $1.6 billion in revenue, forcing layoffs and major reductions in class offerings
· Reduces state aid to the UW system by $250 million, freezing and eliminating scholarship programs; cuts state funding for Wisconsin technical colleges by 30%, harming Wisconsinites seeking job training;
· Cuts more than $500 million in critical healthcare programs, depriving thousands of care;
· Cuts $500 million from Medicaid programs, depriving up to 70,000 people of needed coverage, while removing policy changes from any democratic oversight;
· Caps enrollment in Family Care, harming those most in need, making it harder for seniors and people with disabilities to stay in their homes;
· Strips $1 million/year in state funding for women's healthcare centers statewide, slashing preventative care.

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