Friday, July 29, 2011

Randy Hopper raised taxes on working families

Randy Hopper raised taxes on working families
Despite his misleading spin and no matter how many times he falsely claims otherwise, Randy Hopper did in fact raise taxes this year

OSHKOSH – As part of a stunt to attack his opponent and highlight his record of pushing an extreme agenda that hurt middle class families, the Hopper campaign kicked off their “18 ways in 18 days” effort this week with a completely false and misleading claim.

Except this is false. As a member of the Joint Finance Committee, Hopper was one of the authors of the state budget that raises taxes by nearly $70 million on seniors and working families. By slashing the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Homestead Credit, which many Wisconsin seniors rely on, Hopper’s budget raises taxes on these individuals and families.

These tax hikes are confirmed by both the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau and independent fact-checking body PolitiFact. Randy Hopper’s state budget contains multi-million dollar tax increases on seniors and working families. It is fact.

"Randy Hopper's flailing campaign has announced he will close the final days before the election with a daily smear of his opponent. Currently trailing in all public polls, Hopper's desperation has earned him sharp criticism from the non-partisan PolitiFact for his latest smear TV ad. Why is Hopper so desperate to fire relentless lies into the public domain hoping something will stick?” said Kelly Steele, spokesman for We Are Wisconsin.

To be fair, there are some taxes Hopper is committed to lowering, the ones he and his friends qualify for. He has been a strong advocate of offering massive tax giveaways to corporations and wealthy investors like himself.


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