Thursday, July 21, 2011

Travel Smarter and Safer this Summer with Tips from FEMA

Summer is here, which often means vacations and more time on the road visiting the beach, national parks, amusement parks or camp grounds. While checking off items on your packing list, such as sun screen, shorts, towels, and gear, don’t forget a few tips to be safe and prepared while you’re on the go.

1. Pack your smartphone with safety info – Keep tabs on your latest local forecast at, and visit for safety and preparedness information on your phone. And if you’re flying to your destination, you can check airport status, travel tips, and even the security waiting times at

2. If you’re driving, add an emergency kit to your vehicle - When you’re on the road, your vehicle is an extension of your home, so having an emergency kit can prove vital to keeping your family safe if an emergency occurs. Adding items such as a blanket, protein bars, bandages, and a solar powered cell phone charger are great to add to your vehicle’s kit.

3. If you’re flying, check out the Transportation Security Administration’s summer travel checklist – The TSA checklist is a great guide for air travel, with tips on what you can bring on the plane, the best ways to pack your bag, and more.

Make sure to plan for your pets, too - whether they’re making the trip with you, staying home, or spending time at a boarding facility. And as temperatures rise in the summer months, remember you can take steps to get prepared at


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