Wednesday, July 13, 2011

27 days: Final countdown of Randy Hopper’s political career starts today

27 days: Final countdown of Randy Hopper’s political career starts today

With distraction of fake primary over, voters can now focus on Hopper’s record of attacking Wisconsin families

OSHKOSH – Now that the repugnant, cynical “fake primary” that unnecessarily cost taxpayers $500,000 is over, voters can finally focus their attention on the original reason nearly 23,000 residents of the 18th District signed recall petitions earlier this spring: to repeal Randy Hopper’s radical, job-killing agenda and his relentless attacks on Wisconsin’s middle class working families.

“Despite their sleazy efforts to delay, distract and even defeat Jessica King in a fake primary, Randy Hopper and his right-wing friends will not succeed in stopping the voters of Wisconsin from having the final say,” said Mike McDowell of Fond du Lac. “In his three years in office, Randy Hopper has turned his back on working families, seniors and our children so he can reward the super-rich and out-of-state corporations. Hopper’s constituents know his record is filled with decisions that are wrong for Wisconsin’s families and they will ultimately hold him accountable on August 9th.”

As a member of the powerful Joint Finance Committee, Randy Hopper has demonstrated time and again how out of step he is with Wisconsin’s values. His budget slashes public education funding by $800 million, cuts critical services for our most needy and vulnerable while giving millions away in tax breaks to wealthy investors and out of state corporations.

What’s worse, Hopper hasn’t even been able to honestly talk about his terrible decisions. He’s been disingenuously glossing over how it is filled with broken promises he’s made to voters in the 18th Senate District, specifically about how much his budget will cost the public.

He publicly promised to “balance a budget that maintains essential services without increasing taxes and raising fees.”

Yet his budget does in fact, raises BOTH taxes and fees.

Analysis from the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau and independent fact-checking body PolitiFact reveals that Hopper’s budget does in fact raises taxes. By slashing the Earned Income Tax Credit for working families and the Homestead Credit, which many Wisconsin seniors rely on, Hopper’s budget raises taxes on these individuals and families by nearly $70 million.

His budget raises fees totaling $133 million. These fees range from hiking college tuition to charging car owners more to fees on beer wholesalers. The increased fees represent a broken promise and will hurt middle-class families the most. Again, this is confirmed by Politifact, whofound that despite republican claims and Randy Hopper’s promise to the contrary, their final budget increases fees statewide.

In another example of how Randy Hopper’s agenda is taking Wisconsin in the wrong direction, unemployment rose across Wisconsin last month and specifically rose to 7.1 in Fond du Lac and 6.7 in Oshkosh. With the budget that Hopper wrote, the economy will likely continue to get worse now that the job-killing policies in the budget have become law and go into effect. Cuts to public education, especially to technical colleges, tax hikes on working families and the dramatic rollback of healthcare access for low income families will only continue to hurt the economy, hurting the recovery for middle-class families across the state for years.

“Randy Hopper’s record of broken promises is disappointing for an elected official, and with the general election under way, they willcatch up to him,” said Perry Graves from Black Wolf. “Now that he has rammed through his radical agenda, the public can now see how damaging his decisions to raise taxes on working families while making unprecedented cuts to our schools and wasting millions on tax giveaways to wealthy investors like himself are– and they will vote accordingly on August 9th.”

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