Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Online Food Map Makes Finding Fresh Produce Easier

New Online Food Map Makes Finding Fresh Produce Easier Coalition launches community resource to promote National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

[Winnebago Co, WI]—In recognition of National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, re:TH!NK, Winnebago’s Healthy Living Partnership, is unveiling a new resource that will help Winnebago County residents locate places where fresh fruits and vegetables are available.

The Winnebago County Food Map is part of re:TH!NK’s efforts to reduce adult and childhood obesity and ensure awareness and access to nutritious, healthy food options. The Food Map is an inventory of all grocery stores, convenience stores, and food pantries that sell fresh produce located in Winnebago County.

Accessible on re:TH!NK’s website,, the map shows locations where fresh fruits and vegetables are available all year long. The map markers are also color-coded to show users at a glance how much variety each location offers.

"Increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables is something our group is trying to address," said Denise Krueger, interim Health Officer with the City of Oshkosh Health Department and public health liaison for re:TH!NK’s Nutrition, Obesity and Diabetes committee. "Sometimes, the first step in making it easier for people to choose healthy foods is by letting them know what’s out there."

During the past four decades, obesity rates have soared among all age groups, increasing more than fourfold among children ages six to 11. According to the CDC, more than 23 million children and teenagers (31.8%) ages two to 19 are obese or overweight, a statistic that health and medical experts consider an epidemic.

Julia Salomon, Corporate Dietitian and Nutrition Educator with Affinity Health System, says "The growing rate of childhood obesity in our country is alarming. National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and re:TH!NK recognizes the serious threat obesity poses to the health of America’s children and the importance of decreasing its prevalence not only in Winnebago County, but across the entire United States."

Data for the Food Map was collected and compiled by an intern with the Winnebago County Health Department during the summer of 2011.


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