Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oshkosh Neighborhood Study - your chance to get involved

We've recently heard about different neighborhood studies and/or surveys being done. But the subject of this week's Eye on Oshkosh is a study like no other and it seeks your help. Conducted by UW-Oshkosh sociology professor Paul Van Auken, this multi-year study project seeks to develop a better understanding of what people in Oshkosh consider a neighborhood to be, and an understanding of the various neighborhoods in the city, as well as the quality of life in them. The information gained from the study will then be used to construct a report about Oshkosh neighborhoods, including recommendations for addressing issues that are identified in the research.

You can get involved in this fascinating and somewhat self-directed project by visiting this site on the city's web site and printing off a copy of the project description form, then following the steps for completion.

It should be noted that this project is being done with the city's blessing but is different from similar projects or surveys done by the city or other groups recently. Van Auken is also working with the NeighborWorks program, but this is a study independent from it, though some information may overlap.

And be sure to watch Eye on Oshkosh during the week of August 29 for more information on this neighborhood study. Air times are Monday at 7pm, Thursday at 1pm and Saturday at 6pm.


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