Friday, September 05, 2014

Eye on Oshkosh interviews State Attorney General candidate Brad Schimel

The latest episode of Eye on Oshkosh is taped and now online. We were very pleased last night to visit with Brad Schimel, Republican candidate for Wisconsin State Attorney General. You can see the interview here. We also want to thank Brad and his campaign manager Johnny, for making such a concerted effort to appear on the show. They had other commitments in the area, but worked a little magic to fit us in. For that, we are very grateful. (P.S. Not to mention that he is fiscally responsible enough to recognize the value of 60 minutes worth of free media time and publicity. :)  Just kidding there, but campaigns are expensive and free advertising is, after all, free advertising. It would be nice if all candidates had the same appreciation for the value they're getting.)


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