Friday, September 18, 2015

Oshkosh Mayor Steve Cummings displays elitist comments when it comes to race, religion, diversity

As many of you know, I do a lot of volunteer work with Fit Oshkosh, a local non-profit which teaches racial literacy in the area. The organization's executive director, Tracey Robertson, is totally committed to helping bridge the differences that exist between the races, but that job is not always easy. In fact some days are just downright much more difficult than others. So are some people, for that matter. Case in is what she posted earlier this week:

"Today, I had a meeting with someone in City Government here who when asked by a colleague about a past racial incident related to the Jewish community in Oshkosh proudly said, "my daughter didn't even know what a 'Jew' was." (He) then proceeded to say "they" (meaning Black people) need to "understand the history of Oshkosh." So, let me make sure I understand you.....your daughter doesn't need to know the history of anyone (i.e., the "Jews"), but the rest of us need to know the history of Oshkosh? If that isn't White Privilege operating (everyone needs to learn about your largely-fictitious history, but you do not need to bother to know anyone else's) then I don't know what it is, and that was a conversation highlight! Needless to say, there is alot of work to be done with this person. ‪#‎stillfuming"

Tracey was kind enough not to mention who the person was, but I'm not sure that he should be spared public embarrassment, scrutiny, or humiliation, if that is what's called for. It was our current mayor and common council member, Steve Cummings. This man is a so-called leader and representative for the city, yet holds onto such ignorant and elitist attitudes as this?! How can this city ever be as respected and progressive as its neighbors or other not-so-close communities with this kind of mindset emanating from Mr. Cummings. He needs a wake-up call about history, as well as present-day happenings, because at some point today's actions, or lack thereof, toward understanding and acceptance will be tomorrow's history.

I recommend if people are upset or outraged about this man's attitude and comments, they write him and explain why bridging these differences and finding common ground between the races and amongst minorities is not only an important thing to do - it's the RIGHT thing to do. Mr. Cummings can be reached at his common council email address of Or if you want to let all of our city council members know how you feel and that it's important for the city to work on its diversity awareness, you can do so by going to the following page:


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