Thursday, October 06, 2016

Candidates in the State Senate District 18 race visit Eye on Oshkosh

The latest episode of Eye on Oshkosh is now online. In it, host Cheryl Hentz talks with candidates in Wisconsin's 18th District Senate seat, Mark Harris (D) and Dan Feyen (R). The candidates discuss everything from financing K-12 and secondary schools, to water quality, job creation, minimum wage, keeping exotic animals as pets and campaign finance reform. And that’s just to name some of the issues they covered. The show can be seen at this link:

In the meantime, early voting is underway in the state, as is voting by absentee ballot. If you want to avoid the long lines on election day (Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016), check with your local clerk’s office about what you need to comply with the Voter ID law and how you go about voting early at the clerk’s office or voting absentee. It is a right and privilege to vote. So even if you’re fed up with the way this election season has gone, please don’t sit on the sidelines. Every vote is important, including yours. Do your civic responsibility and make your choice known and your voice heard. Vote in the upcoming election. 


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