Saturday, May 06, 2017

Adopt a Pet; Save a Life

May is National Pet Month and May 5-7 is National Pet Adoption Weekend. This is a perfect time to make an addition to you family. But before doing so, make sure you have done due diligence to determine what is the most appropriate pet for your home and family. If you are a crazy, busy family, always on the go, or away from home a lot, then perhaps a pet that requires less care and attention is the way to go. Fish and certain birds could fall into this category. If you have more time, a dog or cat might male the perfect addition. Only you know what your schedule is like and the amount of time you have to give. So do your research and consult your local humane society for the best pet for you.

If you are adopting a four-legged pet, especially a dog or cat, PLEASE do not get a pet from a pet store, puppy mill, or even a backyard breeder. Rescue and adopt a pet from your local humane society or an actual dog or cat rescue group. There are professional breeders out there who do a could job and thoroughly vet prospective adopters to make sure their dogs and cats are going to responsible, loving homes. But others are only irresponsibly adding to an already-burgeoning pet overpopulation. So save a life and help control the pet population by adopting from a shelter or rescue group.And never get or giveaway an animal on Craig's List or some other similar means. the horror stories about what either has happened to that animal, or what could happen are too numerous to mention.

Again, if you want more information about responsible pet adoption and being a responsible pet owner, consult with your local humane society, or the Humane Society of the United States at

One of the best ways to experience unconditional love is through pet ownership!


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