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Tuesday, September 12 2006 @ 06:15 AM MDT
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My reply to Bryan...

Thanks for publishing your notes Bryan. You and others at the meeting obviously asked some pointed “tough” questions.

I was disappointed, but not surprised at the responses that were given by City Department Supervisors. As a citizen, when I read the replies, all I come away with is arrogance and the desire to maintain their status-quo.

I believe the only way you and your fellow city councilors will be able to serve the citizens of Oshkosh is to DEMAND, not ask, for method improvements.

It appears none of the Supervisors are TEAM players. They clearly have self serving interest at the root of their decision making process. No improvements can occur until people start thinking “out-of-the box” with regard to cost savings, downsizing, consolidation and process improvement. These Supervisors and Managers are obviously not prepared for that challenge and I submit, they need to be taken to task by our City Council as there highest level Management body!

The editorial in the 9-12-06 issue of the Northwestern was right on target Bryan. People will not tolerate status quo any longer. You have the skills and knowledge to drive this change, people support you. Time to take off your kid gloves and get this job accomplished!

[Editor's note: The spelling of Mr. Bain's first name was corrected before this editorial was published. Also, the following are comments in response to the original post as they appeared on an earlier version of Eye on Oshkosh.]

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Fifth Tuesday Forum
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, September 12 2006 @ 09:42 AM MDT
I hope Bryan Bain takes the lead on this. He's one of the only people up on that table that seem to care about the average tax payer and hasn't screwed up his reputation so he can actually be effective.

Fifth Tuesday Forum
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, September 12 2006 @ 11:30 AM MDT
If Mayor Castle really thinks that the majority of people in Oshkosh will vote themselves more property taxes when the city hasn't really even looked into how it can cut costs, I question how he got elected Mayor.The city administration is so full of fat that significant cuts would be easy to make. They need to look at how we construct our next contract with the unions also. The city administrators have to make a better effort to share rising healthcare costs with these people. I for one really believe that the city workers have a gold plated benefit plan that I'm helping to pay for, and my family can hardly pay for our own plan. Its just not right.

Fifth Tuesday Forum
Authored by: DBCooper on Tuesday, September 12 2006 @ 07:03 PM MDT
I'm watching the City Manager's Report on channel 10 right now. Richard Wollangk is practically foaming at the mouth over the the mayors proposal to allow the city to exceed the cap. He's laying out what it means, what it will happen if they don't come up with the 1.8 million dollar shortfall, etc. I don't think I've ever seen him quite so PASSIONATE about anything before! It's too bad he can't be passionate about cutting spending and cutting services and re-organizing city government instead of taking the easy way out...

Fifth Tuesday Forum
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, September 14 2006 @ 04:22 PM MDT
This is the reason that Doyle put a cap on property taxes. If the city had it their way they'd just raise the levy and be done with it...no look at cutting spending or making processes more efficient.Again, there are ways to cut spending! Look at last year's budget meeting. There were at least three proposals on the table (Bain & F Tower) and the rest of the council balked at them. Yet, there's no fat to cut? C'mon. How are some council members able to find cuts, yet other members are not willing to make the hard choices or find some cuts themselves. Please. I remember that night...it was like the rest of the council hadn't even looked for ways to solve the problem with cuts...they had their mind made up that the fee was the way to go and that was the end of it. They didn't even consider the other alternatives. Rediculous if you ask me.And regarding the garbage? I'm a firm believer that with automation, like many of the communities in our area, would reduce costs dramatically. Not only would you eliminate one city worker (and all the benefits they receive) from each truck, you would uniform how much garbage is picked up (less trips to the county dump = less dump fee's for the city = cut in budget...wow, I just found a cut!...see, that wasn't so hard!). Just think of the manpower savings! Less people, more efficiency (less time to do the same route...less wages people!). Yeah, the trucks are expensive up-front, but the savings are tremendous in the back-end.

Fifth Tuesday Forum
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, September 14 2006 @ 08:04 PM MDT
Just as long as the garbage employees would be cut, and not like in the water department make meter readers into valve twisters, and cut no one!

Fifth Tuesday Forum
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, September 14 2006 @ 08:29 PM MDT
Just now questioning the Castle for Mayor. Boy, even a blind person could see this coming. Spending 12 to get elected to the Mayor position that he didn't even want and we wonder how effective he'll be. Silver spoon syndrome. Don't blame me thou, I voted for Paul Eslinger!

Fifth Tuesday Forum
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, September 14 2006 @ 08:47 PM MDT
Too bad for you. You were in the minority voting for that clown. He acts too big for his britches. That electton shoulda knocked him down a peg. But's he not smart enough to see people didn't want him for mayor. We'll send the same message if he runs again.

Fifth Tuesday Forum
Authored by: Zoff B. on Tuesday, September 12 2006 @ 06:49 PM MDT
After reading Bryan Bains notes I was overwhelming left with the impression of how arrogant and evasive the responses by the city staff sounded. Why should I be surprised, it's just same type of comments given to the council by the staff at the city council meetings.I was especially struck by the comment that the city would not look into using garbage trucks for snow removal because, while saving costs, it would reduce the current service. How strange that the city manager and police chief have no prolem going on the local news and threatening reduced fire and police service if the garbage refurendum passes.I hope Mr. Bain steps up and starts demanding accountabliity and ANSWERS to his questions

Fifth Tuesday Forum
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, September 14 2006 @ 08:26 PM MDT
Why would Bryan start with accountability now when his poor votes helped create this mess. How about Bryan has another town hall meeting and then listen to the voters but then, say we shouldn't change in the eleventh hour. Another scrawny politician whose shoulders are narrower than his shoes. Problem is the losers run for office and the hard working citizens are too busy paying for their mistakes.


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