Monday, September 11, 2006

A history of the World Trade Center and its Twin Towers

As it was for those of us old enough to remember where we were or what we were doing when President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, most of us can recall what we were doing five years ago today when we first heard of the terrorist attacks in NYC, on the Pentagon, and as a fourth plane commandeered by terrorists crashed in a field outside of Shanksville, Penn.

On this fifth anniversary of the WTC attacks, many bloggers across the Internet are asking people to post their memories and thoughts about the events they watched unfold in 2001. Indeed, we should never forget the horror of that day, the lives that were tragically snatched from our midst, nor our own vulnerability as a nation knowing it could happen again, at any time. It is a very cathartic thing for people to express themselves in this way. It also helps build community in a cyber world where most will never meet, but whose lives touch others and become entwined, if through no other means than mere words on a screen.

But in an effort to not overdo what so many are doing or take away from their efforts, I thought readers might appreciate
a history of the World Trade Center, as well as several other links to information about 9/11

But, however you remember today, let us never forget...

- Cheryl


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