Thursday, July 09, 2009

Identity Theft – Phishing Scam

The Oshkosh Police Department and the Wisconsin Department of Justice are urging folks to be on guard against a recent phishing scam that has recently appeared in Wisconsin. Recently, the Department of Justice received reports of people calling homes and cell phones in an attempt to gain personal information.

Wisconsin residents have been contacted by a man identifying himself as “Officer Smith with the United Law Enforcement and Investigation Department.” The caller provided a phone number (814) 273-1518 and attempted to gain the persons’ Social Security Number and other information.

The Oshkosh Police Department wants to remind people to never give your personal identifying information out without fully confirming the source and circumstances.

Legitimate businesses or legal representatives will not ask for personal identifying information on the phone or through an unsecured e-mail. If you should receive a call trying to solicit this information or any type of personal identifying data, do not give it out.

“Phishing Scams” are attempts made by individuals to fraudulently gain access to protected or personal information that could compromise a person’s identity. Typically these attempts are made over the internet or through e-mails and will have the appearance of an “official” correspondence seeking a reply.


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