Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Winter is "officially" here - Things to keep in mind about driving and shoveling

[Though winter hasn't officially arrived according to the calendar, you sure couldn't tell it by looking outside or listening to the weather forecasts. With the today and tomorrow's storm getting underway, I received this information from the Oshkosh Police Department that I wanted to pass along to you. It is good information to keep in mind. You may even want to post the snow shoveling ordinance somewhere where you can refer to it, if need be.]

Well I think it is finally official, winter is here! By this time tomorrow we will have several inches of snow with more on the way. I wanted to make everyone aware of the municipal code regarding snow removal. Municipal Code 25 section 68 states you have 24 hours from the cessation of a snowfall to remove the snow from your sidewalk. This section also states that it is illegal to push or blow the snow from your property onto any City of Oshkosh street . I can honestly say there is nothing worse than driving down a freshly plowed street only to see individuals blowing the snow from their property back onto the street thus causing hazardous driving conditions as well as more work for the snow plows.

Let’s all remember to drive safely when the streets are covered in snow, and give yourself extra time to get to your destination. More importantly don’t forget to grab the sleds and the kids and head outside and enjoy the snow!


(1) Sidewalks

Every owner of real property within the City shall within twenty-four (24) hours following cessation of a snowfall or other precipitation, remove all snow and ice from the sidewalk located adjacent to the premises; provided that, when ice is so formed on any sidewalk so that it cannot be removed, the person owning such premises shall keep the sidewalk sprinkled with a material to accelerate melting or prevent slipping. Every person who owns property abutting sidewalks on two intersecting streets shall remove all snow and ice from the sidewalks bordering the crosswalk, including the curb ramp. Additional snow events will not extend the snow removal deadline. Prior snowfalls are required to be removed by the original deadline.

(2) Deposit On Streets and Near Fire Hydrants Prohibited.

(A) No person shall throw, or put, or cause to be thrown or put, any snow or ice onto any fire hydrant, or cause to be blocked or covered or interfere with the use of fire hydrants.

(B) No owner of real property within the City shall remove or cause or allow to be removed any snow or ice from private property including but not limited to driveway, parking lot, parking area, business property, or other area onto any public right-of-way or public property. No owner of real property within the City shall remove or cause or allow to be removed any snow or ice from a sidewalk or driveway apron onto any alley or street.

(C) Snow removed from public sidewalks shall not be stored in any manner which will unreasonably obstruct or limit vehicular or pedestrian vision, movement, or access.

(D) If the owner of such premises shall fail to remove such snow and ice or to sprinkle a sidewalk as required, or if the owner deposits or causes to be deposited or allows snow or ice to be deposited upon any public right-of-way or public property contrary to these provisions, such actions shall be considered a nuisance. Any person violating any of the provisions of this section shall be subject to a forfeiture of not less than twenty dollars ($20) nor more than fifty dollars ($50) for a first offense and not less than thirty dollars ($30) nor more than one hundred dollars ($100) for any subsequent offense. Each day any violation of this ordinance continues shall constitute a separate offense.

Brent Buehler
Sergeant of Patrol
Oshkosh Police Dept.
Office 236-5700 Cell 379-3557


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