Saturday, February 12, 2011

Walker to Announce Radical Attack on Middle Class

[The following is a press release from Citizen Action of Wisconsin...]

Milwaukee: According to widespread press reports and leaked documents, Governor Scott Walker is poised to announce a shockingly radical attack on Wisconsin workers. Under the guise of a budget repair bill which he seeks to pass with no time for serious public deliberation, Walker proposes for all practical purposes to abrogate the right of public employees to form and maintain unions. The right of public employees to form democratic organizations for the purpose of collective bargaining is a fundamental human right that has been established for over half a century in Wisconsin law, and is enshrined in the UN Charter.

“Although this stunningly radical move is being cloaked as a budget necessity, it is a cruel hoax because Governor Walker and the Legislature have full authority to balance the state budget without attacking the fundamental rights of workers,” said Robert Kraig, Executive Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin. “In reality this is a naked power grab by the large corporate interests that back Scott Walker and who seek unfettered control over Wisconsin politics.”

Even conservative legislators who have had their differences with union leaders should oppose the process Governor Walker proposes for making such a sweeping change in Wisconsin traditions.

“Fair minded people of all political persuasions ought to oppose a snap decision on issues of such magnitude,” continued Kraig. “It is undemocratic to pursue such a radical change without a full public discussion that engages the people of Wisconsin. The abrogation of democratic rights for public employees was not a topic in the campaign, and has not received any significant public vetting. It is outrageous that Governor Walker proposes passing such sweeping changes so quickly that most citizen of the state will not even have the opportunity to understand his proposals. Acting precipitously risks a massive public backlash later once the public realizes what has been done without their consent.”


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