Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Rally for the rights of workers and and middle class citizens to be held Thursday, 3/10 - please note new time!

Oshkosh is going to be continuing the regular Thursday rallies at Opera House Square in downtown Oshkosh. Here are the details for this week:

Thursday, March 10, 2011 - 1 Month Anniversary of the Budget Repair Bill Battle

Beginning at 9 am (new time) and continuing all day and early evening

Opera House Square (at the Sundial)-Oshkosh

Bring your signs, noisemakers and bullhorns and help us observe the eve of the 1 Month Anniversary to the introduction of the Budget Repair Bill and Wednesday evening's unconscionable vote against workers' rights and true democracy. Let's make this the biggest group yet!

Recall petitions against Sen. Randy Hopper and other recall information against those who dare to attack the rights of Wisconsin's hardworking citizens will also be available! An attack on union workers and middle class citizens is ultimately an attack on us all!!

All are invited to join in this protest against Walker's and the Republicans' attack on the middle class and workers beginning at 4:30 pm on Thursday at Opera Square in downtown Oshkosh.


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