Friday, March 04, 2011

Recall Sen Randy Hopper Info

[Following is from the Winnebago County Democratic Party...]

Hello Members and Friends of Working Families and the Winnebago County Democratic Party!

Just a quick note – The recall effort of Senator Randy Hopper has begun.

There will be kickoffs tomorrow (Saturday, March 5th) at 10:00 AM. You can get all the info you need as well as papers to circulate at:

Recall Senator Randy Hopper
Fond du Lac: Winnebagoland Uniserv 325 Trowbridge Drive, Fond du Lac
Oshkosh: UW Oshkosh Reeve Union 748 Algoma Boulevard, Oshkosh

We have regular updates at our website: and our facebook page:

Updates are constant. These pages are updated more often than we can email.

Recall information can be found at:

If you are not a member of the Winnebago and Wisconsin Democratic Parties, most of the funding we use to support these efforts come through membership dues.

Please join here:

Info on recalling:

When circulating recall petitions for signatures please keep in mind…
· Petition signers must be qualified electors and residing in Senator Hopper’s district.
· Petition circulators must be eligible to vote in Wisconsin, but do NOT need to reside within Senator Hopper’s district.
· DO NOT sign and date the bottom until AFTER you have collected the signatures from the public. If the petition includes ANY signatures dated after your signature date, the ENTIRE PAGE WILL BE INVALID.
· Make sure the signatures are legible and that all information is filled out in its entirety. The phone number and email fields are NOT mandatory; all other fields are required by the Government Accountability Board and the signature will not be counted if any information is incomplete.
· Before handing in completed petitions, make sure you have signed and dated the bottom of the page.
· Please DO NOT number the pages in the bottom right hand corner; the Recall Committee will enter page numbers.

Common questions potential signers may have…

Do I have to live in the Senate District?
Yes. You have to live in the district and be an eligible voter.

Do I have to currently be registered to vote?

Who are you with?
The Committee to Recall State Senator Randy Hopper.

Why are you trying to recall Senator Hopper?
Madison is a mess right now and Senator Hopper has become part of the problem. This petition is to start a recall election in order to break the gridlock in Madison and get our elected officials working across party lines to move Wisconsin forward and start creating jobs again.

Senator Hopper and Governor Walker have gone too far. They decided to side with protecting tax breaks for CEOs and Corporations while slashing funding for education and our communities. We are here to recall Senator Hopper because our communities deserve someone who will fight for middle class families, not corporate CEOs and their lobbyists.

Senator Hopper and Governor Walker have proposed a union busting bill to take collective bargaining rights away from Wisconsin workers. Working families agreed to ALL of the concessions on wages and benefits but they wouldn’t take yes for an answer and continued on insisting on stripping away their rights. We are recalling Senator Hopper because when he ran for office, he promised to continue protecting the rights of Wisconsin workers and he has broken that promise.

We sent Senator Hopper to Madison to fight for our community. The budget that he and his fellow Republicans just introduced will devastate our local community, gutting school funding, police and fire protection, and many other services people like you and I rely on, all so he can protect his new tax cuts for corporations and CEOs. We’re recalling Senator Hopper so we can stop this horrible budget.

How does a recall election happen?
The Recall Committee must collect signatures equaling 25% of the number of all votes cast for governor in the incumbent’s district in the last gubernatorial election. These signatures must be filed with the Government Accountability Board within 60 days of the start of the recall effort.

A recall election is called, where the incumbent is automatically placed on the ballot (unless they file within 10 days that they do not want to be on the ballot) along with any candidate that qualifies to oppose the incumbent.

If I sign this petition, does it mean I have to vote for or against Senator Hopper in a recall election?
No. Signing simply says you agree that there should be a recall election. Signers are free to vote for whomever they’d like during that election.

If I have more questions about this recall, want to volunteer, or want to donate, what should I do?

Call Committee to Recall Hopper at (608) 255-5172 or visit


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