Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Washburn/9th Avenue Intersection Closure Thursday Night, 6/23

Hello All:

It is the first day of summer already, which is hard to believe. We are getting closer to completing the work at 9th Avenue, which I am sure everyone is anxiously awaiting.

Traffic is scheduled to be switched at the Washburn/9th Avenue intersection early tomorrow morning to stage 5. The traffic pattern at this time will begin to look like roundabout traffic. A similar switch will occur next week at the Koeller/9th Avenue intersection. I am sure that many of you have driven the roundabouts on Witzel; the setup will be similar when construction is complete here at 9th Avenue. If you would like to know more about roundabouts in general, there is a public informational meeting that will allow you to learn more about roundabouts and the growing utilization of them in this area on Wednesday, June 29th.
As some of you may have seen, there have been message boards out since last Friday indicating that there will be an intersection closure at Washburn and 9th on Thursday night, from 8pm until 6am Friday morning. This closure at night will allow some critical pieces of concrete to be placed so that the intersection can be open during the day, and so work may resume on Friday. Local traffic will be allowed to access the businesses during this time, however through traffic will not be allowed.

Sorry for the inconvenience of the intersection closure; however, please bear in mind that this night time closure is helping to expedite construction at this location. There will likely be a similar night time closure at the Koeller/9th Avenue intersection next week; watch for message boards to indicate exactly when that is going to occur, and I will send another email update when that time frame is determined.

In the mean time, keep your fingers crossed for good weather, keep watering the new grass seed, (if required), and drive safe!


Heath Hagner, P.E.
Construction Services Manager NE/NC Regions
Project Leader USH 41 Corridor Projects 1120-10-72/73/79
DAAR Engineering, Inc.
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Oshkosh, WI 54904
Winnebago Field Office: 920-303-5485
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