Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Does Randy Hopper or his staff actually read his email

I realize that as a current sitting Senator, especially one as embattled as he is, Randy Hopper must get a lot of correspondence from constituents and non-constituents alike. I also realize it is a daunting task handling all that correspondence. However, one would think between he and his staff, they could at least get it right when it comes to reading the things his office receives. (Although it is nice to see people being responded to in some way.)

Case in point: I have been contacted recently by some of Randy’s own constituents in the 18th Senate District who have contacted him with a petition which proposes a new law be put on the books, making it a felony for a parent , legal guardian, or caretaker to not notify law enforcement of the disappearance of a child within 24 hours.  

Hopper’s response? He knows of no pending legislation but if any gets introduced, he’ll keep those people’s thoughts in mind. It’s no surprise he knows of no pending legislation; none exists as yet. Why in the hell does he think these folks contacted him in the first place? Perhaps he should can the “canned” responses and actually try reading, then responding in a more thoughtful, meaningful way to people’s concerns. Then how about setting forth to create some legislation that actually protects people, in this case, children? Aren't these things what he’s being paid to do, after all? It’s just a thought.

P.S. I posted the original email to him and his response posted below for your convenience.  Certain things such as the time the emails were sent, and by whom, have been removed to protect the identity of those constituents.

(letter from constituents)
Sen. Randy Hopper
State Capitol, Room 310 South
2 East Main Street
Madison WI 53702


On July 5, 2011, at 1:15 pm CST, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of first degree murder in the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony. The only charges she now faces are four counts of falsifying police reports, each of which only carries a 1 year prison term. Since she has been in jail since August 2008, she will be out of jail ENTIRELY too soon.

I'm writing to propose that a new law be put into effect making it a felony for a parent, legal guardian, or caretaker to not notify law enforcement of the disappearance of a child within 24 hours, so proper steps can be taken to find that child before it's too late. This way there will be no more cases like Casey Anthony's in the courts, and no more innocent children will have to go without justice.

Also, make it a felony for a parent, legal guardian, or caretaker to not notify law enforcement of the death of their child, accidental or otherwise, within 1 hour of said death being discovered.

The case of Caylee Anthony was tragic, and there is no reason for another case like this one to hit the courts. Let's do what is necessary to prevent another case like this from happening.


(response from Sen. Hopper)
Subject: RE: Create Caylee's Law, Not Reporting Child's Death Should Be a Felony
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011
From: Sen.Hopper@legis.wisconsin.gov


Thank you for emailing me in support of Caylee's Law. I appreciate you taking the time to contact me on this issue. At this time, I am not aware of any pending legislation that would address this issue. Should legislation be introduced, please know that I will keep your thoughts in mind as I review the provisions of the bill.

Thank you again for contacting me.


Randy Hopper



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