Monday, July 11, 2011

Time forAnswers: Is Hopper attacking middle class families on his own or under threat of political retribution

Time forAnswers: Is Hopper attacking middle class families on his own or under threat of political retribution
With news of Walker successfully threatening one Republican senator over extreme budget repair bill, the question remains, what about Hopper?

OSHKOSH – Late last night, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that the Walker administration threatened a Republican Senator with retribution in the form of a Tea Party challenger if the Senator did not blindly support Walker’s extreme agenda attacking workers’ rights and Wisconsin’s middle class.

The account by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel presents a shocking depiction of the extreme measures Scott Walker and his allies are willing to use to ram through their radical agenda, and their willingness to use any political tactic at their disposal – no matter how sleazy or despicable – to extend or consolidate absolute power over the entire apparatus of Wisconsinstate government. 

According to the report, a prominent Green Bay-area businessman was told directly by Sen. Rob Cowles that: “…the governor's office told us if we didn't give them our support, they would run a tea party candidate against us.”

“News of Scott Walker using vicious threats against any Senator who might stand up to his extreme agenda isn’t the most disturbing thing here,” said Steve Lord of Oshkosh. “What’s worse is that it appears to have worked – begging the question that Randy Hopper’s constituents deserve an answer to: Did Scott Walker threaten him to get his support, or does Hopper personally believe in an agenda thatattacks working families, raises taxes on seniors and the poor, and makes crippling cuts to public education?”

For months, Hopper has been on record praising Walker’s radical agenda, calling it “desperately needed.”

“In light of the news of Gov. Walker’s dirty tactics, Randy Hopper has a responsibility to clear the air and state, on the record, was he threatened by Walker or does he take personal ownership for his support of this terrible, job-killing budget,” said Lord.

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