Friday, July 29, 2011

Caught red-handed: Another bald-faced lie from Randy Hopper

Caught red-handed: Another bald-faced lie from Randy Hopper
New emails between Hopper and his lobbyist mistress prove he advised her on applying for state job

OSHKOSH – Another day, another lie from Randy Hopper exposed. Freshly disclosed email correspondence between Hopper and his lobbyist mistressreveals that Hopper helped coach her while she was applying for a job in the Walker administration. The emails explicitly show him giving her tips on how to reach out to Walker’s chief of staff.

This new evidence directly contradicts Hopper’s earlier claims about playing absolutely no role in his mistress acquiring a cushy state job in the Walker administration. When asked by the media earlier this spring, Hopper unequivocally said that he had no involvement in her hiring.  

Hopper’s deception about his role in his girlfriend’s career moves is only the latest in a series of lies he’s been caught perpetrating. Last week, Hopper was called out by PolitiFact for running an ad falsely smearing opponent Jessica King. The ad was such a bald-faced lie it earned a “Pants on Fire” rating for accuracy. In addition, Hopper continues to mislead voters about his record of raising taxes on working families in the latest budget. Again, the nonpartisan PolitiFact reviewed the claim and determined that the state budget, which Hopper helped write, does in fact raise taxes.

“Whether it’s his record of raising taxes, his false smears against his opponent or providing help for his lobbyist mistress looking for a cushy state job with a huge pay increase, Randy Hopper has repeatedly demonstrated that he has no respect for the truth, as he shamelessly lies to the voters of his district,” said Kelly Steele, spokesman for We Are Wisconsin.  


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