Thursday, July 07, 2011

Oshkosh Police Department warns of new computer scam

[This is an email from the Oshkosh Police Department, alerting people to a new scam going around that can infect your computer with harmful data...]

FYI to all,
The message below is a sample of a new exploit being attempted through e-mail.  It contains a web page attachment (Is Cancer Curable.html)  that leads you to a malicious web site and executes some scripts to cause harm to your computer. While these messages attempt to tap your curiosity, you need to be aware of the contents BEFORE clicking or double-clicking on anything within the message. First thing to always do is to look at the sender’s (From:) address. If you do not recognize it, delete the message.

Please pass this message along, as it will help make others aware of the threats that are surfacing through these communications channels.  If you have any questions about this scam, please contact the Oshkosh Police Department at 920.236.5700.  

Message: Is Cancer Curable? A lot of people think so. View this attached form and you decide.


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